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The numerous anomalies, inconsistencies and technical shortcomings in the 1969-72 Apollo record have led to remarkable findings. Research indicates that much of the media output was not a true reflection of what was actually occurring. The inescapable conclusion is that this duality was official US operational strategy. Any attempt to link Apollo with the concept of ‘conspiracy theory’ is therefore utterly invalid.

Second light source?
Apollo-Soyuz: Joint Hoax?
January 2019: New chapters added

Apollo 14: Second Light Source
How High the Moon?
Rover Fenders
CSM LM Orbit
Scott Henderson
Adam Credibility
Lunar Laser Ranging
Shadows on Lunar Sky? Apollo Myth
Lost Apollo CM
Apollo November Boat
Scientific Analysis Apollo 17 lift off
Apollo 13 Analysis Apollo Legacy
Apollo 15 Analysis Orion Van Allens
Re-Entry Matters Towards A Moon base Virgin Galactic
Earth Photos from the Moon: Anomalies Nvidia Sat V Design Flaws Apollo Questions
Prof Brian Cox Any Hope for a Moon Base? Illusory Apollo Apollo Mountains meters away
Saturn V Underpowered
Lighting Used on the Moon Saturn V Jack White's Apollo Studies Exposing Apollo Faked Images

Ellen Stofan CC BY 2.0
Dr Ellen Stofan

“NASA’s focus now is on sending humans beyond low-Earth orbit to Mars… We are trying to develop the technologies to get there, it is actually a huge technological challenge. There are a couple of really big issues. For one thing – Radiation. Once you get outside the Earth’s magnetic field we are going to be exposing the astronauts to not just radiation coming from the Sun, but also to cosmic radiation. That's a higher dose than we think humans right now should really get.”
Dr Ellen Stofan, Chief Scientist, NASA, and principal advisor
to NASA Administrator
– BBC Newsnight interview, November 2014

“Radiation surely must be the showstopper preventing mankind’s exploration of the Universe.”
Professor Clive Dyer, MA (Cantab.), PhD (Lond.), DIC., June 1997
Clive Dyer has worked in space and radiation research for more than 40 years,
authoring more than 200 publications in the field.

Why is it so hard to get to the Moon 49 years after Apollo?

What Happened on the Moon?
"The case against the Moon landings gets better every day.” Prof Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D

Dark Moon eBook

Two-Thirds eBook
The book outlines the role and importance of magnetic shields for protection in space, as well as artificial gravity generation in spacecraft carrying human beings to counter the adverse health effects of weightlessness, vital for the long-term reduction of muscle loss and bone depletion.
Such matters are only now being seriously explored by space agencies intent on reaching Mars.

This book is even more relevant today than when originally published in 1993.
More details here...

Jack White's 9/11 Studies


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Water Flows on Mars, the Possibility it Could Support Life

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