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Were the Apollo Saturn V F-1 engines only capable of lifting just 2000 tons off the launch pad instead of the stated 2,800 tons?
Read Evaluation of Saturn V F-1 Design Flaws

Why is it so hard for NASA to get to the Moon 45 years after Apollo?
NEW Read Towards a Moon Base NEW

Anything learned from Apollo?
Mojave to Mars
Earth Photos from the Moon: Anomalies Nvidia Sat V Design Flaws Apollo Questions

Prof Brian Cox A Moon Base? Illusory Apollo Apollo Mountains meters away

Saturn V Underpowered

Lighting Used on the Moon Saturn V Jack White's Apollo Studies Exposing Apollo Faked Images

Apollo DVD Saturn V Performance

“Radiation surely must be the showstopper preventing mankind’s
exploration of the Universe.”

Professor Clive Dyer, MA (Cantab.), PhD (Lond.), DIC., June 1997
Clive Dyer has worked in space and radiation research for more than 40 years,
authoring more than 200 publications in the field.

Jack White's JFK Studies
Jack White's 9/11 Studies

Propulsion without Propellant --- Human Rights Watch

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News – April 2015
Small Solar Eruptions can have Profound Effects on Unprotected Planets

News – March 2015
Mars Colonist Candidate Expresses Grave Doubts About Mission

News – February 2015
Virgin Galactic is Now On its Own

News – January 2015
Britain's Missing Spacecraft Found on Mars

News – January 2015
Astronauts in International Space Station Leak Scare

News – December 2014
Orion Test Flight – First Step Back Into Space

Comet Team Detects Organic Molecules, Basis of Life on Earth

News – November 2014
Pilot Actions Examined in Crash of Virgin Galactic Craft

Probe of US Virginia Rocket Explosion Begins

News – October 2014
Apollo Questions Censored at Autographica 2014

RPT-India reaches the Red Planet

News – September 2014
NVIDIA: The Fox and the Hen House

News – August 2014
NASA Admits that it Does Not Have Sufficient Understanding of Radiation Beyond LEO

News – July 2014
NASA Carbon-Dioxide Hunting Telescope Launched

News – June 2014
Plans to Turn Asteroids Into Space Gas Stations

News – May 2014
Proposals to Support Crew Health on Deep Space Missions

News – April 2014
NASA Invites Students to Design Exploration Systems

News – March 2014
US Space Telescope Spots 715 More Planets

News – February 2014
Long Lunar Night Wait for Malfunctioning Jade Rabbit Rover

News – December 2013
Chinese Unmanned Spacecraft Lands on Moon

News – November 2013
India Blasts Off in Race to Mars with Low Cost Mission

News – October 2013
Skull Throws Story of Human Evolution into Disaray

News – September 2013
Voyager Left Solar System Last Year, New Research Shows

News – August 2013
Next Mars Mission Should Search for Past Microbial Life

News – June 2013
Trip to Mars Would Likely Exceed Radiation Limits for Astronauts