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The prime reason for the Aulis investigation into Apollo is to question the official record of the exploration of the Moon in the late 1960s and early '70s – especially the Apollo lunar landings themselves.

Over the years, this Apollo investigation has involved analysis of the Apollo lunar surface images – concluding that they were staged. Then the serious underperformance problems with the Saturn V booster became apparent. The presence of hazardous space radiation potentially endangering astronauts was not resolved by 1969/70. Nor had NASA achieved the essential skip re-entry technique for lunar returns. Now it appears that at least in the case of Apollo 13, the mission could have aborted shortly after take off with the command module downing in the Atlantic.

Research evidence revealed during this investigation suggests that the famous named astronauts – for example Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Ed Mitchell – conceivably never left low-Earth orbit, remaining in the safe zones below the Van Allen radiation belts. By so doing they would have avoided exposure to the hazardous radiation which (in our present state of technology) awaits all those who venture into deep space.

Notwithstanding that the psychological behaviours of the named astronauts in the intervening years since Apollo would be evidence enough for our claims; the numerous inconsistencies and anomalies visible in the Apollo photographic record are irrefutable. The intentional 'mistakes' and lack of continuity between a number of still photographic images and the TV coverage is very apparent.

“Noticing the difference between the astronaut’s reports and the photographic record, we began to question everything … especially the validity of the TV recordings and immediately released NASA prints.
It was soon clear that the orbital photography and the ground-based images simply didn't match.”

Richard C Hoagland and Mike Bara, Dark Mission

Some of the many errors evidenced in the photographic record were possibly due to haste and poor thinking. Others were probably planted deliberately by those who have been dubbed ‘Whistle-Blowers’. Individuals who were determined to leave evidence of the photographic manipulation and faking in which, no doubt, they were unwillingly involved.

It should also be emphasised at this point that we not alone in making such claims. Other researchers have also produced hard evidence concerning massive fraud in the space program, and especially in the cover-up by the authorities of information concerning extra-terrestrials, not just on this planet, but on the Moon and Mars.

Since the publication of Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, Jack White BA, a specialist in photo analysis and a professional photographer for over half a century, has produced numerous studies revealing further photographic fakery extant in the Apollo lunar EVA record. Phil Kouts PhD has found damming evidence within NASA's own published documents, and many other specialist scientists have found evidence suggesting that the Apollo missions were faked and that the Saturn V could not have flown to the Moon.

NASA is by no means the first institution to foster the suppression of information and the denial of knowledge. When appropriate, as a government agency, it acts in the interest of the national security of the United States, and when viewed though the lens of “National Security” any action always contains a military component.

There is absolutely nothing new in the organised withholding of newly-found discoveries.  More than two thousand years before space travel was a reality, in the 6th Century BC, Pythagoras and his group of mathematical philosophers who lived in Greece found themselves in just such a situation.

Suppression of Knowledge
The late Dr. Carl Sagan reminded us in his work Cosmos that the Pythagoreans considered the four regular basic solids made up terrestrial matter: earth, air, fire and water but they associated their discovery of the fifth solid with the heavens—it was named the dodecahedron, pentagons making up its twelve faces.

A crisis of doctrine also occurred when the Pythagoreans discovered that the square root of two could not be represented accurately as the ratio of two whole numbers, for the square root of two was irrational. It was not a whole number and these people regarded whole numbers as fundamental, as all other things could be calculated from them.

For the Pythagoreans, this knowledge was difficult to assimilate into their previous ‘database’, as we would describe it today.  This knowledge presented a serious threat.  So instead of sharing in their recently-acquired and perhaps not completely understood discoveries, the Pythagoreans suppressed knowledge of both the dodecahedron and the square root of two on the grounds that it was too dangerous for the public and ‘ordinary people’. The outside world was not to know!

Did history repeat itself (as it has done so many times before) when, instead of using the experiences acquired during the preparations for manned space travel to advance our understanding of the Universe beyond this planet, it was determined to deny access to the findings concerning space and physics that have been made?
Discoveries that were made both prior to and during our emergence as a civilisation learning to struggle into space?

Poor decisions and ill-considered actions by the space agencies and their masters have accumulated over the last fifty years or so and the consequences of this behaviour still block the threshold of the doorway marked “Progress of the Human Civilisation”. For even today there are scientists who are opposed to sharing with ‘ordinary people’ certain scientific knowledge.

Prime Questions

The questions to be asked, therefore, are these:

  • If mankind went to the Moon as billed, why was there any need to fake the photographic record?
  • Did the United States/NASA present to the world the manner by which it was going to the Moon, when in fact another covert project/mission was undertaken?
  • Is there indeed a parallel with the events of 9/11, whereby the record states that aircraft brought down the WTC towers when, as is becoming increasingly evident, the buildings were felled by other technological means – actually turning the buildings to dust.

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