July 2006: Open Letter to Stephen Hawking

An open letter to Stephen Hawking, peers, and all individuals interested in origin and evolution of our Universe, life, and intelligence, the tough future of humankind, Fermi paradox, SETI, UFOs….
and why dinosaurs couldn't land on the Moon 65 million years ago.

By Alexander Popoff


In a CNN interview, June 2006, Prof. Hawking states that the encounter with alien intelligence would be more like the film Independence Day than ET.

OK, a lot of people agree with this notion. There is every reason to believe in this warning. Humans should know more about the benefits and dangers result of extraterrestrial contact.

But there is one more reason why researchers have to dwell on the problem with alien sentient life – the true resolution of the Fermi paradox could be a key to more correct understanding of the Universe, life, and intelligence which may be orchestrated by a vector: a genome-like structure and mechanism, inherited from many preceding universes back in time. Our genes made us. The vector made the Universe, life, and us.

The vector defines also the speed of evolution, the level of competition between the sentient species, the emerging and doom of life and intelligence...

Prof. Hawking, as a leading physicist of our time, interested also in SETI, survival of human race, the coming clash between AI and humans, is the person who could provide some right answers to these problems of tremendous importance for humankind in the near future.

But on his Internet web page (and also on the sites of others scientists) is written: "We have no facilities to deal with specific scientific enquiries, or theories....Please do not email us your scientific theories – although they may be valid."

I hope this open letter will reach him and other thinking individuals capable of answering these burning questions of huge consequences for all humankind.

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With much wisdom comes much sorrow,

The more knowledge, the more grief.

circa 350 BC

Best Regards and clear skies,
Alexander Popoff

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