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Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers
Mary Bennett and David Percy
This book is the answer to a question that was first asked in July 1969 – did the Apollo missions really land a man on the Moon and return him alive and well to Earth, or is the record incorrect?

''We don't have time to answer their questions, the truth is in the photographs.''

Brian Welch, NASA spokesman

But Mr Welch, many of the photographs have been shown to be FAKED! Subsequently Brian Welch stated that he wished he had done more research into the matter prior to giving his response to the authors.

By asking the very question that has haunted NASA from 1969 until the present day, Bennett and Percy have uncovered a deception that appears to emanate from the very top regarding the exploration of the Moon.

DARK MOON is an extensively researched and balanced assessment of the people and parallels within the USSR/USA space programs and an in-depth examination of the material regarded by NASA as proof that the named Apollo astronauts did indeed walk on the lunar surface.

The circumstances surrounding the Apollo 13 'accident' are closely scrutinised revealing the fact that the account is full of serious discrepancies. Now, more than thirty years after these events we have the technology and perspective to amply demonstrate that the Apollo record is seriously flawed, and that NASA has a case to answer. NASA continues its refusal to address the numerous anomalies unearthed by the research.

DARK MOON: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers:

  • Investigates why NASA chose to present the Apollo scenario with which we are all familiar, when research evidence suggests that a parallel operation was actually executed.
  • Demonstrates that artificial lighting was used in the Apollo photographs – yet none was taken to the Moon.
  • Shows that impossibly high photographic viewpoints were employed – the images should have been taken from cameras fixed to the astronauts' chest brackets.
  • Analyses numerous lunar surface photographs that appear to be encoded with deliberate mistakes and compares the still images with the claimed 'live' TV coverage of the Apollo missions.
  • Highlights the severe dangers of space radiation, graphically detailing the numerous potential hazards to be overcome during manned exploration of deep space.
  • Presents the testimony of Whistle-Blowers together with interviews and comments from specialists and scientists involved in the development of manned space travel.
  • Provokes the discussion of many subjects that some may not wish to address, including new hypotheses concerning gravity and light.
  • Proposes that spacecraft will require radical conceptual renewal before we can send a man to Mars and return him safely to Earth.
  • Reveals the role that the Roswell Incident played in the overall project to get to Mars following a trial run to the Moon.

"Just finished this one. Couldn't put it down and have passed it round the office! I was nine years old when the 'first moon landing' happened. This book has uprooted that part of my childhood. I won't be able to look at science in the same way again. As Eisenhower said: 'Beware the industrial-military complex'. Please pass on thanks to the authors for this excellent (if shattering) detective masterpiece; it's a wake up call we all need."


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