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Jack White's Studies – Apollo 14 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
All studies © 2005/7 Jack White

Double crossed during Apollo 14?
double crossed during apollo 14

Editor's Comment: Please see previous study notes regarding reticules being added separately.






impossible photography

Editor's Note: Exactly the same conclusion was reached by Bennett and Percy in Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers.






Was Apollo 14 flag moved?
apollo 14 flag moved

Editor's Comment: Research suggest that the flags in the Apollo photographs were added separately. Please see Jack White's Studies and also Further Findings.






Diverging shadow problem
diverging shadow problem

Editor's Note: This anomaly was originally observed by David Percy. It is interesting to see another independent photographer arriving at a similar conclusion. Notice that the shadows of all the small rocks on the left of frame also extend in the same direction, not just those in the right foreground. Clearly the slight rise in the right foreground is not the reason for the direction of the shadow divergence.

For a more detailed analysis on the anomalous rocks in this photo please see: Serious shadow anomalies

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