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Jack White's Studies – Apollo 11 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
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NASA do(o)med?
nasa do(o)med

Editor's Comments: Please note that the middle image is the original photograph AS17-134-20506. The top and bottom images have been color enhanced to demonstrate the anomalies more clearly. Detractors might suggest that the shape behind the backdrop is simply a lens flare. (Lens flare occurs when light from a strong source – the sun or studio lights – hits the front element of the lens and is " bounced" around between elements in the lens barrel.) The result is lens flare in the image.

But that cannot be the case here because 1) lens flares do not have dimension – the object has recorded on film with a highlight at the top nearest the light source, and with graduated shading away from the light. 2) the camera used for these images was allegedly a Hasselblad with a pentagonal leaf shutter that would not produce a sphere-like result. For more on these anomalous objects please see the detailed analyses in Jack White's later study set: NASA do(o)med? Look up in the sky Chapters 1-8.





Flag with no shadow
flad with no shadow

Editor's Note: See also Further Findings.





lighting from wrong direction

Editor's Note: See also Further Findings.

An observation on the above study by Kees Nieuwland: A small feint yellow spot can be seen just above the horizon to the left of the steps. Increasing the exposure results in a full yellowish-round glare. What could this be? Another studio spotlight? It does not seem to be something attached to the steps moreover, the steps should of course be invisible.






Editor's Note: See again Further Findings.






Lighting and shadow differences
lighting and shadow differences





Buzz height question
buzz height question

Editor's Note: The solar wind 'flag' is the solar wind composition experiment. The SWC consisted of a metal pole about 1.5 inches in diameter and 16ins long when collapsed. This extended to about 5ft and was allegedly inserted into the lunar surface to a depth of about 3ins (8cms). The foil was rolled up on a spring driven roller inside the tubing. Unfurled it hung from the pole and trapped particles of the solar wind during the EVA. Only the foil was returned to Earth. The pole remained on the 'lunar surface'. Compare with a disturbing buzz on next page.


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