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Jack White's Studies – Apollo 11 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
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Is this the LM that really went to the Moon?
– – Close up view of the Apollo 11 Eagle

adhesive tape and roofing paper

Editor's Note: This is a genuine Apollo 11 photograph, NASA file number AS11-40-5922, allegedly shot on the Moon. This picture was apparently taken just after a series of close ups of the LM's footpads. The adhesive tape used was more likely to have been a polyimide or Mylar¨.





Adhesive tape used on Apollo 15
adhesive tape used on apollo 15

Editor's Note: This is also a genuine NASA photograph, this time a close up of an Apollo 15 LM allegedly on the llunar surface. The adhesive tape may have been polyimide or Mylar¨.





'Buzz' different in various images . . .
buzz different in various images

Editor's Note: Accouterments is the American spelling. The 'wrist stripe' is the strap of the Omega manually-wound watch. This watch was supplied by NASA to be worn for time keeping purposes during every mission EVA. Each of these pictures was taken during the Apollo 11 EVA, and are from magazine number 40.






incredible lighting mistake


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