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Jack White's Studies – General File B
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
All studies © 2005/7 Jack White

large scale models of moon

Editor's Note: These images originally appeared on apolloreality and are obviously from various sources. There is no way of knowing whether the moon models depicted here were those actually used to simulate Apollo aerial imagery. However, views of the LM flying over the lunar surface are questionable (see later study Apollo 16 LEM retouched). Therefore models like these would have been required for the purposes of creating faked still photographs and film animations.






filming lunar aerial pictures

Editor's Note: Please see comment above.







Convex Mirrors Comparison








Why astronaut shadows are anomalous
Shadow debunking

Editor's Note: This concise, well-presented conclusion must put into serious doubt the authenticity of these Apollo photographs. And then by implication, the authenticity of the entire Apollo photographic record – no doubt fulfilling the intentions of those whistle-blowers involved.

Thanks to Dave Greer for highlighting that fact that the previous version of this study required clarification.

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