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Apollo Investigation

Jack White's Studies – General File A
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
All studies © 2005/10 Jack White

Apollo earth composite revealed 1







Apollo earth composite revealed 2

An observation on the above study by Peter Wakefield Sault: The angular size of the Moon viewed from the Earth is about half a degree. Since the diameter of the Earth is about four times that of the Moon, the Earth viewed from the Moon should appear to be about four times as wide as the Moon viewed from the Earth, or 2 degrees. As it is, the pasted Earth appears to be about half the diameter of the Moon from Earth.












Creative lighting and exposure control

Editor's Comment: Lest anyone misunderstand this study, Jack White has taken a NASA training photo and demonstrates how easy it is to adjust exposure to black in the background of a photograph taken at a NASA facility. This is not to suggest that Apollo black skies were created this way. Rather it shows how easy it is to tamper with photos by simple exposure changes.



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